Subject: [Bug 1406946] Review Request: python-httpbin -
HTTP Request & Response Service, written in
Python + Flask

--- Comment #6 from Adam Williamson <[email protected]> ---
"Why are you using the GitHub commit to do this?"

The guidelines used to require this, on the basis that tags are mutable; commit
IDs are not. Specifying a commit ID guarantees we will *always* get the same
tarball, even if upstream does something sneaky like ninja-ing the version tag.

The guidelines now allow the use of tags, by the looks of it, but I still kinda
prefer using the commit ID explicitly, I was persuaded by the old logic here.

"Why the LANG? Could you put a comment explaining why that was necessary?"

Sure, I'll add a comment. has a fairly common bug where it reads
content in from a file without explicitly specifying the codec, and the file
contains non-ASCII characters; in the Koji build environment, we don't default
to a UTF-8 locale, we get C (I think), so Python 3 uses 'ascii' codec and blows
up. I don't recall why this doesn't affect Python 2, but oh well. It's easier
to just specify a LANG for the commands than patch to specify a

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