Subject: Inferno questions and a track thanks.

If an Inferno car observes a crash in front of it directly at the start it stops, at least on some tracks, a fair distance from the crash. On ovals, when it goes at warp speed, it hardly attempts to brake at all before crashing into a slow moving car.
This gives me the impression that the lookup distance for obstacles works backwards, that is: the faster the car goes the shorter the lookup distance gets.
Could someone, perhaps Eric Espié (one of Infernos creators I believe), confirm or deny this?

On g-track-2 Inferno cars can pit without explicite instructions in the track.xml file. On others it cannot. I probably miss something elementary here, but could someone explain this phenomenon to me?

By the way, I love the new tracks. They are very beautiful and fun to drive. Thank you to the creators. Would a humble request for Laguna Seca be in order?


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