Subject: [Firebird-devel] [FB-Tracker] Created: (CORE-5449)
Support DEFAULT context value in insert, update,
merge, etc

Support DEFAULT context value in insert, update, merge, etc

Key: CORE-5449
Project: Firebird Core
Issue Type: New Feature
Components: Engine
Reporter: Mark Rotteveel

Please add support for the SQL standard DEFAULT context value, which means use
the default value of the column assigned (insert, update, merge, etc), or NULL
if there is no default. This is defined in (SQL:2011): 6.5 <contextually typed
value specification>, with explicit instructions for insert, update, merge,
etc. This is already supported by for example PostgreSQL.

This feature should allow for example:

insert into sometable (id, column1) values (default, 'name')

If id is an identity column this will cause the identity value to be generated.

Note that this should also be supported when including other generated/computed
columns in the insert (or update, merge, etc) statement:

insert into sometable (column1, column2, somecomputedcolumn) values ('value',
'othervalue', default)

Other examples:

update sometable set column1 = 'a', column2 = default

(similar for merge)

The currently supported "insert into sometable default values" is actually a
special case where all columns have default (see 14.11 <insert statement>: "An
<insert columns and source> that specifies DEFAULT VALUES is implicitly
replaced by an <insert columns and source> that specifies a <contextually typed
table value constructor> of the form VALUES (DEFAULT, DEFAULT, ..., DEFAULT)
where the number of instances of "DEFAULT" equal to the number of columns of

This ticket...

should replace CORE-1311 which requests this behavior when using
NULL, which is not correct behavior.

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