Subject: Re: [Firebird-devel] [FB-Tracker] Created:
(CORE-5419) Index garbage collection on varchar
column causes server to hang

Hi all,

I tried it on Windows and here is my observations:
- SuperServer have no problem

- for Classic and SuperClassic problem is confirmed
of course, operations with another DB's are not affected

- the reason is that attachment doing garbage collection doesn't react on AST's:
yes, it calls JRD_reshedule and checkouts from engine, but concurrent thread
(with AST pending) doesn't get control
when i changed THREAD_YIELD() by THREAD_SLEEP(0) - it changes nothing
when i changed THREAD_YIELD() by THREAD_SLEEP(1) - it fixed the issue

I'm not sure it is best possible fix. I don't know if it helps on Linux.
Opinions ?


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