Subject: [Bug 1450122] Review Request: qt5-qtmidi - Qt 5
Multimedia Library

--- Comment #3 from Michael Schwendt <bugs.michael@xxxxxxx> ---
There is absolutely no reason for the src.rpm %name to be qt5-qtmidi instead of
qtmidi. Upstream name is "qtmidi", and that ought to be the %name for this

The naming guidelines are also clear about how to name the binary packages:
%{parent}-%{child}, and since there are multiple versions of Qt in the
distribution, an extension lib for Qt5 makes %parent "qt5".


Regardless of the naming stuff, the package ought to be fixed. Please consider
pointing the fedora-review tool at this ticket:

fedora-review -b 1450122

That tool is not only for reviewers. Packagers ought to be familiar with it,


Some findings based on skimming over the spec file:

> Summary: Qt 5 Multimedia Library

Ambiguous. Better:

Platform independent MIDI module for Qt 5.

> License: GPL-3.0

This has never been one of the license tags used by Fedora:

> %description
> Qt is a set of libraries for developing applications.

Simplified so much, it isn't helpful. Interestingly, the %description of
qt5-qtbase is very simple, too.

> This package contains an plugin to support MIDI input and output devices.

... a plugin ...

> %package devel
> Summary: Qt Development Kit

Not true. Inaccurate.

> Group: Development/Libraries/X11

Unusual, and the "Group:" tag should not be set anymore for ...


> Requires: %{name} = %{version}

> Provides: libQt5Midi-devel = %{version}
> Obsoletes: libQt5Midi-devel < %{version}

> Provides: libQt5Midi-private-headers-devel = %{version}
> Obsoletes: libQt5Midi-private-headers-devel < %{version}

What other distribution do these try to cover? Debian? Come on, these would be
of very limited use to package users and would only cause Repo/RPM metadata

> %files private-headers-devel
> %license LICENSE.GPLv3
> %doc

Superfluous duplication of %license and %doc files, since package depends on

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