Subject: [Bug 1480794] New: Review Request: ocaml-cudf -
Format for describing upgrade scenarios

Bug ID: 1480794
Summary: Review Request: ocaml-cudf - Format for describing
upgrade scenarios
Product: Fedora
Version: rawhide
Component: Package Review
Severity: medium
Priority: medium
Assignee: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Reporter: rosser.bjr@xxxxxxxxx
QA Contact: extras-qa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CC: package-review@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Spec URL:

Description: CUDF (for Common Upgradeability Description Format) is a format
describing upgrade scenarios in package-based Free and Open Source
Software distribution.

In every such scenario there exists a package universe (i.e. a set
of packages) known to a package manager application, a package status
(i.e. the currently installed packages), and a user request (i.e. a
wish to change the set of installed packages) that need to be

CUDF permits to describe an upgrade scenario in a way that is
both distribution-independent and package-manager-independent.

CUDF offers a rigorous semantics of dependency solving that
enables to independently check the correctness of upgrade
solutions proposed by package managers.

CUDF adoption would enable to share dependency solver components
across different package managers, both intra- and

Fedora Account System Username: tc01

This is a...

nother opam dependency.

Unlike ocaml-cmdliner, debuginfo generation appears to happen fine here when
the appropriate tag is set.

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