Subject: [Bug 1477363] Review Request: ocaml-cmdliner -
Declarative definition of command line interfaces
for OCaml

--- Comment #4 from Ben Rosser <rosser.bjr@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Thanks for taking the review!

> Most packages can create debuginfo. Make sure that -g is passed to
> every invocation of ocamlc, ocamlopt, ocamlmklib (and maybe others).

So cmdliner uses ocamlbuild (when it's not built via topkg). According to the
ocamlbuild documentation it should be possible to set the 'debug' tag in order
to generate debug information, so I attempted to modify the _tags file

<src> : include, debug


However even after doing this no debuginfo information seems to get generated.
Is there something else I need to do?

> Yes, I'm aware that the OCaml packaging guidelines are some distance
> behind actual practice. If you want to volunteer to update them ...

I suspected this might be the case, but wasn't sure. :) If I have the time
(once I finish the actual packaging), perhaps I'll take a look at doing that.

Anyway, I'll reupload the spec with the other fixes pending your response about
debuginfo generation.

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