Subject: [Bug 1480752] New: Review Request: kcov - Code
coverage tool without special compilation options

Bug ID: 1480752
Summary: Review Request: kcov - Code coverage tool without
special compilation options
Product: Fedora
Version: rawhide
Component: Package Review
Severity: medium
Priority: medium
Assignee: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Reporter: dridi.boukelmoune@xxxxxxxxx
QA Contact: extras-qa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CC: package-review@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Spec URL:

Kcov is a code coverage tester for compiled programs, Python scripts and shell
scripts. It allows collecting code coverage information from executables
without special command-line arguments, and continuously produces output from
long-running applications.

Fedora Account System Username: dridi

The source archive bundles 3 javascript files and C headers. The C headers
don't matter on Linux but to be on the safe side they are removed during the

The 3 javascript files exist in packages but they are all shipped differently:

- a static javascript file
- a nodejs module
- an xstatic package

Versions shipped by Fedora probably don't match upstream expectations, and the
javascript in question is embedded in the kcov program and used to generate
static HTML reports. I chose to bundle them and document that via Provides.

I have been using a local build for a couple weeks now with satisfaction.

Scratch builds:

br> (rawhide) (f26) (f25)

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