Subject: [Bug 1477363] Review Request: ocaml-cmdliner -
Declarative definition of command line interfaces
for OCaml

--- Comment #3 from Richard W.M. Jones <rjones@xxxxxxxxxx> ---
> %global opt %(test -x %{_bindir}/ocamlopt && echo 1 || echo 0)

Don't use this test. Instead use the %{ocaml_native_compiler} macro
which lists arches that support the native compiler. You use it like this:

%ifarch %{ocaml_native_compiler}
... stuff needing ocamlopt ...

> %global debug_package %{nil}

Most packages can create debuginfo. Make sure that -g is passed to
every invocation of ocamlc, ocamlopt, ocamlmklib (and maybe others).

> %global _use_internal_dependency_generator 0
> %global __find_requires /usr/lib/rpm/
> %global __find_provides /usr/lib/rpm/

These lines are almost certainly wrong, just remove them.

Yes, I'm aware that the OCaml packaging guidelines are some distance
behind actual practice. If you want to volunteer to update them ...

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