Subject: [Bug 1350884] Review Request: mspgcc - Rebase of
GCC for the MSP430 to TI / Red Hat upstream

--- Comment #14 from Brandon Nielsen <nielsenb@xxxxxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Elliott Sales de Andrade from comment #13)
> For g++ subpackage, I'd check original gcc, maybe. Same for gnulib,
> assuming it has also been bundling it. The illegal package name has to do
> with including static files in a package name without -static suffix, which
> is likely not relevant here.
> I'd say pinging someone from the Embedded SIG might be useful:

New spec URL:


I split out the C++ stuff. Original gcc doesn't bundle gnulib, but the bundled
libiberty is not versioned.

I'll check out the Embedded SIG when I get a chance.

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