Subject: [Bug 1441728] Review Request: cld2 - Compact
Language Detector 2

Kalev Lember <[email protected]> changed:

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--- Comment #18 from Kalev Lember <[email protected]> ---
Packaging looks nice and clean to me. Approving based on Jan Kalina's
unofficial review above.

I'd maybe change two minor things, one is that

%if 0%{?usesnapshot}
%autosetup -n %name-%{commit0}
%setup -q

... seems a bit unsymmetrical; would be easier to read if both were %autosetup
(or both were %setup -q) but not a mix like this.

The other minor thing is that -devel package doesn't need to contain '%license
LICENSE' since it's already included in the base package.

Feel free to change these if you want after importing. APPROVED

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