Subject: [Bug 1479967] New: Review Request:
fritzing-parts - Parts library for the Fritzing
electronic design application

Bug ID: 1479967
Summary: Review Request: fritzing-parts - Parts library for the
Fritzing electronic design application
Product: Fedora
Version: rawhide
Component: Package Review
Severity: medium
Priority: medium
Assignee: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Reporter: esm@xxxxxxxxx
QA Contact: extras-qa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CC: package-review@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Spec URL:
Description: Fritzing is a free software tool to support designers, artists and
hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics. The fritzing-parts
package contains a library of part definitions, including both meta-data and
related graphics.
Fedora Account System Username: logic

This isn't a new package, technically; it's a split of the original fritzing
package, allowing Fedora to release both Fritzing and it's parts library
independently. Upstream has moved to a git-based distribution model for the
parts library, so we'll be taking occasional checkpoints of that and shipping
it on an ongoing basis.

The plan is to get this split done first (as version 0.9.2b), then update both
fritzing and fritzing-parts to 0.9.3b, and then finally update fritzing-parts
to a point-in-time release from upstream git.

If you review this, fedora-review is going to complain about a lot of...

duplicated paths with the fritzing package; that will be corrected after this
package has been approved (by removing the parts library from fritzing, at
which point fritzing will require fritzing-parts). I haven't added an explicit
Conflicts to this (for <= current fritzing release), since the file conflicts
will naturally handle that, but I'm open to the idea if someone thinks that's

A successful koji scratch build of this is here:

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