Subject: [marketing] Thanks / Idea for a Spin Lab

Hi Gabriele,

Thanks for the welcome and the explanations. I'll look at the tickets you told me.

Unfortunately I could not attend the last meeting, but I intend to become active in #fedora-mktg and in the meeting channel. 

I did a quick search this afternoon and I realized that in Brazil there are more than 63,000 active / legalized radio amateurs. Only in my region are 4,531 people. The same applies to other amateurs worldwide. This is a very segmented target so that we can act together, since we have several applications packaged to the needs of these people.

I can also cite Scout groups who also deal with amateur radio, another interesting audience to be worked in that sense. It would be interesting that we could make Fedora a popular distro between them.

Fedora offers some spin labs and l think it would be nice for the project to offer a spin lab called Fedora Amateurs or Fedora Hams. This would facilitate us to reach that audience, but I'll start thinking about other tactics as well.

I'm not sure how such thing could be done, but I can make a current list of interesting software to this public already available in the system - our wiki "Applications for Amateur Radio" doesn't seem 100% up to date.



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