Subject: [marketing] Re: Finished questionnaire

Oh, okay thanks. I sent an email to CommOps but no reply up to now. I'll open a ticket then.


On 9 January 2017 at 23:23, Gabriele Trombini <g.trombini@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Il 9 gen 2017 10:28 PM, "Sylvia Sánchez" <lailahfsf@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

Hello everyone!

I just finished the article with my answers to the questionnaire for FAMSCO in CommBlog, and I'm wondering how it works from now on.  I left it as  "pending review".  Should I do anything else? Is there anyone who will review and publish? 
Hello Sylvia,CommBlog is a task of CommOps.Someone will check your article and then publish it. If you want you can file a ticket in their track asking for the review.
See ya.
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