Subject: Re: Quality control, does it exist? A recent
update removed a keyboard layout from system.

On Wed, 2016-12-21 at 18:34 -0700, Chris Murphy wrote:
> Well it seems to me if a packaging change means some files are going
> to be removed upon updating that package with the new (and changed)
> package, that it's reasonable something somewhere is going to break,
> and that this should cause the build to fail with a warning so at
> least it can involve a human to assess the likelihood for breakage.

Sadly, the world is not so simple. There are all sorts of situations in
which a file being added, removed or renamed will happen with virtually
every rebuild of a given package.

There are already tools we can use to note file additions / removals
between builds of a package, if desired, but it would certainly be too
big of a hammer to say unconditionally "any change to the files in the
package fails the build". (If that were practicable, we'd never use any
wildcards in package %files sections...)

Note that in the case under discussion, the move was even *known* and
*expected* by the packager. What wasn't expected was the consequence
that moving the file from a 'core' location to an 'extras' location
would cause GNOME to stop using it. So even if the packager had been
notified of the move, they'd simply have said 'yes, that's fine' and
carried on.
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