Subject: Re: Quality control, does it exist? A recent
update removed a keyboard layout from system.

> You've just offended three people without knowing anything about them.

No. I am just describing the current QA procedure. The +1 comments from three
people are seen as some kind of proof of stability of the update, and those
commenters don't go through any screening of any manner. "Works for me" really
is a common expression in those comments. That we often don't know anything
about those random people that happen to comment the update and still trust
their word *is* a part of the problem.

You should understand that falsely accusing people of insults isn't in any way
respectful either.

> Please do not assume that every maintainer knows everything about their
> package(s).

How putting words into my mouth is "respectful"?

> If you (think you) know better than the current maintainer, do offer to help
> instead of criticizing. I'm sure it'll be appreciated.

I am helping. Without me investigating and reporting the problem, the package
in question would maybe still be broken. But I am just one person with many
things to do and cannot bend myself to substitute a whole QA system. But I have
to agree in that the current situation can sometimes except the maintainer to
know everything about their package, and such exceptation is unrealistic.
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