Subject: Re: [Evolution] group by threads and sort by date
doesn't work, or is the bug in me?

On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 15:11 +0200, Valent Turkovic wrote:
> Hi, first thank you for a great product because of which I couldn't
> work on my preferred desktop and I would HAVE to run windows.
> I have one issue which is really very, very important to me and that
> is to see new emails when they arrive.
> I also sort emails by thread and that is also a very important feature
> because if I only sort mail by date I get drowned by the sheer volume
> of the email - and it is not organized by context as when I sort by
> thread.
> If happens that I don't see new emails of some threads that got
> started a few days ago because Evolution sorts all threads by the date
> of the first email that started the thread and not by the last message
> that started the thread. This is a really big issue for me.
> When I press CTRL-T nothing happens. I checked the menu and it is
> checked there, so it should work.
> I'm running Evolution 2.26.2 on Fedora 11.
> Thank you very much!
> And again if there was no evolution and evolution-mapi I would have to
> use windows and that would my work really unbearable.

I also sort by threads, but I select Unread Messages in the Show:
drop-down menu, so I always see the latest stuff.

My only quibble is that occasionally when I want to see a message in
context, selecting All Messages causes the message list to lose visual
focus, i.e. the current message is still selected but for some reason
the message list isn't showing it because the pane has relocated to the
top of the folder. The same thing happens when you reset a Search box.

I've reported this as">


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