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Hello Richard,

I think if you register with you can get some for free.

There is an Australian localization here:


Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 10:02:37 AM, you wrote:

RAOK> On 9/08/17 11:40 AM, Andrew McIntyre wrote:
>> I am involved in standards process and there is a blog post here for
>> anyone interested:

RAOK> Ah. It turns out that I had misunderstood the function of the
RAOK> escape character. I thought you would represent "~" as "\~"
RAOK> but in fact it's
RAOK> \F\ |
RAOK> \R\ ~
RAOK> \S\ ^
RAOK> \T\ &
RAOK> \E\ \
RAOK> \.br\ CR -- isn't uniformity wonderful?
RAOK> plus a bunch of other "free text formatting commands"
RAOK> written as escape sequences (which may explain \.br\)
RAOK> but not described in that page.
RAOK> There is also encoding of non-ASCII characters using
RAOK> HTML escapes (exact set not specified in that page).

RAOK> So there are several rounds of processing:
RAOK> - build tree using delimiters and ignoring escapes
RAOK> - maybe process escapes
RAOK> - maybe process HTML &#...; escapes
RAOK> - maybe do something with formatting commands.
RAOK> and dealing with data types comes somewhere between
RAOK> the third and fourth rounds.

RAOK> How hard is it to get hold of the actual standard?

t; (I can get Z39.50 for free...)

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