Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] List Question

On 08/08/2017 01:00 AM, Joe Armstrong wrote:
The last time I fiddled a bit (yesterday as it happened) - it turned
out to be less than
blindingly obvious how to call other than trivial elixir code from erlang.

I was also wondering about cross-compilation. Has anybody written
something that turns
erlang code into elixir source code or vice. versa.

I created a script ex2erl
( to convert a
single Elixir module into multiple Erlang modules. Then it is easy to include
Elixir source code into an Erlang project without creating a dependency on
Elixir for all use of the Erlang project. The ex2erl script requires an Elixir
installation alongside the Erlang installation and depends on the Elixir module
having the debug_info in the beam output which is done by default.

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