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I would have done something like this:

is_string(Input) when is_list(Input) -> lists:all(fun erlang:is_integer/1,
is_string(_Input) -> false.
This works fine for regular strings (lists of integers).

Erlang, however, often uses a construct called iolist for performant formatting
of output. And these can contain lists of strings or list of lists in arbitrary
depth, also not requiring them to be proper lists (they need not end with the
empty list []). There more work would be required.


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Hello All,

A Newbie question,

Can I tell the difference Between a List of Strings and a Single

eg the Value in a List may just be "FT" or it might be ["FT", "ST"]

I do not know in advance if its a single string or a list of strings,
but want to behave differently - actually return the first element of
the list when there are multiple values. I have parsed a variable
hierarchical structure and the hierarchy can vary over instances.

As strings are lists "is_list" returns true for both. Is that soluble
or do I need to change the data structure to indicate it. Sorry if
this has obvious answer, but new to erlang.


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