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I personally hate to create accounts over accounts for all kind of services that are doing the same stuff, I usually use only github and star or watch the projects that are really nice to receive notifications when updates are done.

I think at least a github mirror will be nice for your project


On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 9:58 PM, Krzysztof Jurewicz <[email protected]> wrote:
Having a GitHub mirror can be done, but it would ease tracking only of the repository itself, not of related issues. Tracking full project is possible without registration using an Atom feed ( ); there are also Atom feeds for branches ( ) and raw repository can potentially be tracked using plain Git. It is also possible to login to GitLab using GitHub. I’m not saying however that there will no GitHub mirror.

It can be argued that it is easier to gain audience when hosting a repository on a more popular service, but I don’t believe that a solution to this problem is making everyone just use the one, biggest site (GitHub in this case). If people were able to create decentralized social networking sites and protocols like ActivityPub, then it should be also possible to create a decentralized social coding site. Actually there already exists a P2P GitHub alternative using Secure Scuttlebutt: , but currently it seems to suffer from important deficienci...


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