Subject: Re: Wie es eigentlich gewesen war

The subject line is German for "the way it had been."  If, on the other hand, the subject line would invoke the spirit of Leopold von Ranke's Kritik neuerer Geschichtsschreiber (1824, although I am not sure exactly where the oft -quoted _expression_, "wie es eigentlich gewesen ist," or related saws like "ad fontes," "sine ira et studio," actually occur).   I prefer Dr. Luther's "wo steht denn das geschrieben?" even if it did get him excommunicated.  The highest standard is of course is Albert Finney-Poirot's thrice repeated query on the Orient Express:  "Did you see it?"  I  think that is what Ranke meant, something like:  "Do your records go back to eye-witnesses or better?"

J.W. Worthy
Sipe Springs, Texas

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