Subject: Re: httpd on Twitter

Hi Rich,

2017-01-05 8:31 GMT-08:00 Rich Bowen <rbowen@xxxxxxxxxx>:
As you might know, we have a Twitter account -

I believe, at the moment, it's just me and Jim that have the keys to
this, and it's mostly a ghost town. We announce releases there, and
occasionally respond to comments from other accounts.

I would like for us to do more with Twitter to get the word out that
we're doing cool things, but could use some help brainstorming what
kinds of things we should put there. I don't think we need something
every day, but having something a couple of times a week seems a good
cadence to aim for.
I would love to see something like:
1) New features announced (new modules, important improvements for existing ones, etc..), pointing the users to the newly created documentation (that would also be a nice driver to improve/create docs). 2) Important bug fixes, not only security-related ones.3) Tips for admins, maybe directly from the top ten questions asked on #httpd. Again pointing the users to Wiki links could be really useful. Simple example: "Use Redirect and RedirectMatch to force https only - $link".4) Monthly stats about number of commits to trunk/2.4.x, emails exchanged on dev@/users@, etc.. The main goal would be to demonstrate that httpd still has a active and strong community behind.
I don't have a lot of time to work on this on a regular basis, but I can definitely help you and Jim! 

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