Subject: Re: httpd on Twitter

I think we can ask the followers what kind of information you want.

I'm not a follower but I can imagine the introduction of new
features/functions and bug/vulnerability info would be useful.


On 2017年01月06日 01:31, Rich Bowen wrote:
> As you might know, we have a Twitter account -
> I believe, at the moment, it's just me and Jim that have the keys to
> this, and it's mostly a ghost town. We announce releases there, and
> occasionally respond to comments from other accounts.
> I would like for us to do more with Twitter to get the word out that
> we're doing cool things, but could use some help brainstorming what
> kinds of things we should put there. I don't think we need something
> every day, but having something a couple of times a week seems a good
> cadence to aim for.
> Anyone have a passion for this?

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