Subject: reportbug and remapped "edit"


I am trying to use reportbug to file a bug report.

However, my .zshrc contains "alias edit='emacsclient -c -s /tmp/emacs1000/server", as I have an emacs session running and would like to be able to use "edit file.txt" in the terminal to spawn a connection to emacsclient.

When running reportbug, this yields:

Spawning emacsclient...
emacsclient: connect: Connection refused
emacsclient: No socket or alternate editor.  Please use:

    --server-file      (or environment variable EMACS_SERVER_FILE)
    --alternate-editor (or environment variable ALTERNATE_EDITOR)
Warning: possible error exit from emacsclient: 256
No changes were made in the editor.

Ok, fine -- what's the workaround?

Boyan Penkov

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