Subject: 1. Gnome Shell segfaults 2. Gnome Panel
orientation problem

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing two problems. Actually, I am thinking about writing a
bug report, but don't have any time, thus wanted to share them here
first, maybe some people experienced same things and have some

First: Gnome Shell

Gnome Shell segfaults because of "". The error message
from /var/log/messages is:

deb64 kernel: [16487.013098] gnome-shell[12078]: segfault at 1c0 ip
00007f46a8b8b812 sp 00007fffe25b40d0 error 4 in[7f46a8ad9000+30f000]

Everytime this is the message that is given. I tried to upgrade or
delete that package, but it wasn't possible. If Gnome Shell segfaults
once, then the shell restarts itself, but if it happens twice
consecutively then shell crashes and logs out.

When does it happen? There isn't a specific point. If I'm not mistaken
iceweasel is always running. It can happen after 5 min or 1 hour or 3
hours. Usually it happens when I select another app with mouse. However,
sometimes it just happens. I can't say these are the only things that
reproduce it. It is really random.

Secondly: Gnome Panel

Because of the problem given in the first instance I use Gnome Fallback
mode, since I am writing a lot in these last days, and do not want to
deal with crashes, at least not now.

Toda I wanted to position the panel to the left, and after clicking an
icon on the panel, Gnome crashed immediately. I logged in again, now
tried to run an app via Alt+F2, but this did not change anything and it
crashed again.

Error message:

deb64 kernel: [ 498.333905] gnome-panel[3669] trap divide error
ip:7f3cbdd5b42c sp:7fff3142c8b0 error:0 in[7f3cbdd39000+3f000] this is the
same thing I believe.


hen I logged in to Gnome Shell, and change the position from
dconf-editor. Everything is fine again. The Panel works good on the top
or on the bottom (didn't try on the right)


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