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On Sat,01.Aug.09, 16:06:08, Chris Jones wrote:

> >
> The mutt-user archive seems to be broken - if you display this message
> and try to display the thread index, it does display an index but there
> is no trace of this particular thread, which makes the ensuing
> discussion difficult to follow..

You can use the "Next by thread" link.

> So, I'm not sure I understand the solution & how it improves on:
> â :sh while composing in vim
> â start new instance of mutt
> â do what you have to do - e.g. copy parts of messages
> â 'q'+'Ctrl-D' to return to composing

The proposed solution involves the script[1]:

,----[ ]
| #!/bin/sh
| DRAFT="$1"
| cp "$DRAFT" "$DRAFT.tmp"
| (
| xterm -e "exec mutt -H \"$DRAFT.tmp\""
| sleep 1
| rm -f "$DRAFT.tmp"
| ) &
| exit 0

which you set as your editor (set editor=""). Now
whenever you compose a message it opens in a new xterm and you can use
the first mutt to do whatever you want.

The only trouble with it is that the second mutt prompts for "To:" and
"Subject:". There's a hint in the thread about using a macro to work
around it, but I don't have any idea where to start.

[1] In order to debianize "xterm -e" should be replaced with
"x-terminal-emulator -e sh -c".

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