Subject: Re: How to recover from blank screen on sparc64

On 21 Jun 2017, at 14:31, Tom Demler <gomtuu@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I finally was successful installing sparc64 on my old Ultra Enterprise II. I
> had to switch the output to the ttya port and have it connected to a serial
> port on a laptop in order to do the install from the ISO image on CD. Then
> the install proceeded normally and I could boot normally. Aptitude was
> working well and I used it to obtain the latest updates. I then attempted to
> install a desktop starting with xfce (I only have 1Gb of RAM). Received
> several “Not Found” messages for packages so the install of xfce did not
> continue. Attempted the same with LXDE with similar results. Finally I
> updated package lists and proceeded with the resulting upgrades. This seemed
> to install many, many packages – possibly all that were downloaded in my
> attempt to install a desktop. It was taking a very long time particularly
> with building the font cache. I left it continue…
> This morning the system was at the Sun OpenBoot boot prompt so I attempted to
> boot the system. It seemed to be booting normally but the result is a blank
> screen and I cannot get a response to anything. What is the best way to
> recover from this?

You could always try booting into the non-graphical multi-user mode
( or single-user mode



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