Subject: Re: How to recover from blank screen on sparc64

Hi Tom!

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 09:31:38AM -0400, Tom Demler wrote:
> I then attempted to install a desktop starting with xfce (I only
> have 1Gb of RAM). Received > several "Not Found" messages for
> packages so the install of xfce did not continue. Attempted the same
> with LXDE with similar results. Finally I updated package lists and
> proceeded with the resulting upgrades. This seemed to install many,
> many packages - possibly all that were downloaded in my attempt to
> install a desktop. It was taking a very long time particularly
> with building the font cache. I left it continue.

This is normal to Debian and not related to sparc64 at all. If your
system is up-to-date, APT will have set up a systemd timer job to
update your package lists automatically once per day.

> This morning the system was at the Sun OpenBoot boot prompt so I attempted
> to boot the system. It seemed to be booting normally but the result is a
> blank screen and I cannot get a response to anything. What is the best way
> to recover from this?

Did you try hooking up the machine to the serial console again and
check the output there?

What kind of framebuffer device do you have?


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