Subject: Re: How can i boot *anything* on Sun Blade 100?

On 04/10/2017 09:03 PM, transmail wrote:
> So, it does matter, even with the 40 pin cables?

Yes, it does matter. If you put the IDE controller in the middle of
the cable, the cable termination is wrong.

> Just because it is impossible to put the longest part to the motherboard:
> the connector of the HDD and the DVD are too far apart.

It should be possible. Just get an IDE cable that is long enough. I
have a cable in my Sun Blade 100 which is long enough so I can
connect it properly. It really doesn't make sense to continue trying
around with the cable connected improperly.

Also, you should be booting over a serial console. Much easier to
record all output messages when the output goes to a different
machine. You can also use netconsole to send the output over the


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