Subject: Re: How can i boot *anything* on Sun Blade 100?

Okay, i took it back. I grabbed the original cables of the machine and swapped
them. The former owner somewhy plugges the primary HDD to the secondary cable
and the DVD is invisible if it's not primary slave and there is no primary
master HDD. Now it's the blue part which connected to the motherboard. It's a
80 pin IDE cable, but it's printed "Sun Blade 100" on it, so it must work with
this machine.

Still Debian hangs with a black screen after boot. :(
I can switch consoles, but i cannot put syslog to anywhere.

Kevin Stabel <[email protected]> írta:
>Cool, just a bit more patience, TCH, we will get this machine running
>:)Usually the part where the cable is the longest goes on the motherboard.Then
>you need to set the jumpers correctly as well for slave/master.These are the
>positions: try it and let us
>know.On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 7:37 PM, transmail [email protected]> wrote:I
>see, so it can go for a while, even if it does not connected properly. Good to
>I replaced the 80 pin cables to 40 pin ones. Does it matter for the 40 pin
>one, how it&#39;s connected?
>John Paul Adrian Glaubitz [email protected]> írta:
>>I wouldn&#39;t be surprised if it crashed with the cabling being messed up.
>>Frans is absolutely right. Unless you connect the cable properly, don&#39;t
>>be surprised by obscure crashes or hangs.
>>> On Apr 10, 2017, at 7:25 PM, transmail [email protected]> wrote:
>>> But it works if it&#39;s not the blue is connected to the motherboard!
>>> &quot;boot cdrom&quot; works and it&#39;s not the blue which is connected
>>> to the motherboard. Or even if the machine begins to boot, the later crash
>>> is because of this? What if i connect the devices with a 40 pin cable?
>>> Frans van Berckel [email protected]> írta:
>>>>> On Mon, 2017-04-10 at 19:09 +0200, transmail wrote:
>>>>> And which cable is correct for this machine? Because now &quot;boot
>>>>> cdrom&quot;
>>>>> works with 80 pin too.
>>>>> It&#39;s impossible to plug the blue connector to the motherboard. The
>>>>> DVD&#39;s and the HDD&#39;s connector is too far from each other then. I
>>>>> need
>>>>> to put the middle (gray) one to the motherboard. When i got the
>>>>> machine it was that way.
>>>> Okay clear, stop searching any further. Because this the problem. The
>>>> blue cable connector got to be connected to the motherboard, indeed.
>>>>> It did not make any change if i mapped the DVD as slave or CS. What
>>>>> mattered that i had to put the DVD on the same bus as the HDD. If the
>>>>> DVD is alone then it only appears if it&#39;s the master.
>>>>> I&#39;ll get a serial cable.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Frans van Berckel

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