Subject: Re: How can i boot *anything* on Sun Blade 100?

I think, it was the SSD which confused the system. Now as SSD is alone on the
secondary channel and on the primary, the HDD is the master and the DVD is the
slave, everything is visible in "probe-ide" and "boot cdrom" works. But boot
FreeBSD and Debian 9 dies under the boot procedure.

Kevin Stabel <[email protected]> írta:
>That&#39;s wrong.It should be set to slave or CSOn Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 2:13
>PM, transmail [email protected]> wrote:Nope, it&#39;s the primary master.
>Hartwig Atrops [email protected]> írta:
>>On Sunday 09 April 2017 22:12:52 transmail wrote:
>>> Can anyone help me on this matter? No matter what i&#39;m trying, i cannot
>>> boot
>>> anything on my machine. I&#39;ve tried Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD. It always
>>> tells me, it &quot;cannot read disk label&quot;, &quot;cannot read disk
>>> label package&quot; and
>>> &quot;cannot open boot device&quot;. If i try to &quot;show-disks&quot;,
>>> selecting the &quot;cdrom&quot;
>>> then &quot;boot ^Y&quot;, then it says, &quot;invalid IDE interface
>>> number&quot;. The DVD drive
>>> has been replaced with one which is tested and works. It must be some
>>> config stuff, or i&#39;m doing something wrong.
>>> - TCH
>>Just out of my head, my Blade 100&#39;s are not ready-to-start at the moment:
>>DVD drive is on the 2nd IDE connector, try &#39;boot cdrom2&#39;

>>   Hartwig

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