Subject: Re: How can i boot *anything* on Sun Blade 100?

I've tried the same layout (HDD=primary master, DVD=primary slave) with a 80
pin cable and it did the same thing. Tries to boot up the DVD, but stucks in
reading forever. Maybe it's something else.

Kevin Stabel <[email protected]> írta:
>I don&#39;t know what originally came with the machine, but if it is a
>non-UDMA controller, it will not work correctly with 80 pin cables.On Mon, Apr
>10, 2017 at 2:18 PM, transmail [email protected]> wrote:The setup seems
>How should i setup the CS jumpers with a layout like this?
>The cables are 80 pinned. Should i replace them to 40 pin?
>Kevin Stabel [email protected]> írta:
>>Hi,Check your master/slave/CS jumper on the drive and make sure it is in the
>>right position on the cable.With IDE/ATA, it matters where you position the
>>device on the cable.It depends on whether it is UDMA with an 80 pin cable
>>(which i think is the case here), or a 40 pin cable.Now ... the weird thing
>>is that both 40 and 80 pin cables still have the same amount of pins on the
>>connector ...Anyway, it is described in the manual here:
>> look at sections 6.2.5 and 6.2.6Try either the Slave or Cable Select (CS)
>>jumper settings on the drive.Good luck.Kind Regards,-KevinOn Sun, Apr 9, 2017
>>at 10:12 PM, transmail [email protected]> wrote:Can anyone help me on
>>this matter? No matter what i&amp;#39;m trying, i cannot boot ...

anything on my

>>machine. I&amp;#39;ve tried Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD. It always tells me,
>>it &amp;quot;cannot read disk label&amp;quot;, &amp;quot;cannot read disk
>>label package&amp;quot; and &amp;quot;cannot open boot device&amp;quot;.
>>If i try to &amp;quot;show-disks&amp;quot;, selecting the
>>&amp;quot;cdrom&amp;quot; then &amp;quot;boot ^Y&amp;quot;, then it says,
>>&amp;quot;invalid IDE interface number&amp;quot;. The DVD drive has been
>>replaced with one which is tested and works. It must be some config stuff, or
>>i&amp;#39;m doing something wrong.
>>- TCH

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