Subject: Re: Sun Blade 100 dead?

Maybe i don't get it, but if we stop the clock, then we must set the time at
every boot? Why the clock should be stopped then?

Romain Dolbeau <[email protected]> írta:
>2017-04-07 17:52 GMT+02:00 Mark Morgan Lloyd
><[email protected]>:
>> <rant> Any half-decent system designer provides a way to shut the clock down
>> on one of these chips, at which point the battery lasts more or less
>> indefinitely. I certainly did when I was putting them into custom hardware.
>> </rant>
>Huh? The Sun Nvram/Hostid FAQ (unfortunately it seems Squirrel has
>vanished :-(, my version is here:
><> )
>includes instructions on how to stop the clock on 3/80 and sun4c, and
>those instructions can be adapted to at least sun4m and Ultra 1 (base
>address & map-page stuff). They probably can be used on a Blade 100 as
>Romain Dolbeau


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