Subject: Re: Sun Blade 100 dead?

I see. And where is that battery exactly? I only see the standard CR2032. Is it
that big green/black box near the CPU fan's power supply connector?

Mark Morgan Lloyd <[email protected]> írta:
>On 07/04/17 11:30, transmail wrote:
>> I tried to reset the NVRAM,
>It's not just that. Most if not all Suns use a "Timekeeper RAM" chip for
>the RTC and things like the MAC address, these have an onboard primary
>cell (i.e. not rechargeable) with a lifetime of about 10 years, after
>which you need a replacement. It's not too difficult to cut off the
>original battery and replace it, and to enter plausible values for that
>model of computer via the OBP.
>Apart from that the 100 has- AIUI- a known problem that the I/O
>controller dies. When that happens it's scrap.
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