Subject: Re: Sun Blade 100 dead?

Yes, i'm using several machines via two PS/2 & VGA KVM-s and on the "output" i
convert it to USB with a PS/2 to USB converter (only if there's no PS/2 ports,
like on my Sun Blade 100, or my G5 PowerMac). But since i had a keyboard (SUN 6
USB) and for the test i did not need a mouse, i did not plug the converted USB
from the KVM, so the KVM thought that there is no machine there. It somehow
transmitted the signal to make the monitor alive, but did not transmitted the

Mark Morgan Lloyd <[email protected]> írta:
>On 07/04/17 10:00, transmail wrote:
>> Okay, i figured it out: I was so lame, i simply
>> did not connected the PS/2 keyboard/mouse to the machine (i thought
>> the SUN keyboard will be enough), so the KVM did not shown the
>> image... I was such a noob, sorry for wasting your time.
>You haven't :-)
>So what are you saying there: that you've got the video going via a KVM
>and nothing was happening because there wasn't a standard keyboard
>connected to it?
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