Subject: Re: Sun Blade 100 dead?

On 04/06/2017 06:56 PM, transmail wrote:
> I just got my Sun 6 USB keyboard, so finally i could try my Sun Blade 100.
> However, i cannot enter OBP. The machine seems to be alive: after the power
> button is pressed, the LED goes green, a short beep emitted, the LED flashes
> five times and then remains on and the monitor switches on (but remains
> black).
> The CD drive ejects on demand and the HDD spins up.

Have you considered that the RTC chip battery may be dead? It's usually a
MK48T02 chip and they fail after some time. I would try resetting the NVRAM
settings first though.

No idea how this is done on the Sun Blade 100, but there are service manuals
available for them on the net.


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