Subject: Re: Sun Blade 100 dead?

Okay, i figured it out: I was so lame, i simply
did not connected the PS/2 keyboard/mouse to the machine (i thought
the SUN keyboard will be enough), so the KVM did not shown the
image... I was such a noob, sorry for wasting your time.

transmail <[email protected]> írta:
>I just got my Sun 6 USB keyboard, so finally i could try my Sun Blade 100.
>However, i cannot enter OBP. The machine seems to be alive: after the power
>button is pressed, the LED goes green, a short beep emitted, the LED flashes
>five times and then remains on and the monitor switches on (but remains
>black). The CD drive ejects on demand and the HDD spins up.
>However if i try to enter OBP with Stop + A, nothing happens. I tried the diag
>mode with Stop + D and tried to reset the settings with Stop + N. No avail. I
>tried Ctrl + Break and Alt + Ctrl + Break, also without avail. Tried to press
>the power button two times after the beep too. Nothing.
>If i try to switch the keyboard's LED-s on, nothing happens. I tested the
>keyboard in my x86 box and it was just fine, everything worked on it.
>I have no idea what i am doing wrong. Can anyone help me?
>- TCH


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