Subject: Sun Blade 100 dead?


I just got my Sun 6 USB keyboard, so finally i could try my Sun Blade 100.
However, i cannot enter OBP. The machine seems to be alive: after the power
button is pressed, the LED goes green, a short beep emitted, the LED flashes
five times and then remains on and the monitor switches on (but remains black).
The CD drive ejects on demand and the HDD spins up.

However if i try to enter OBP with Stop + A, nothing happens. I tried the diag
mode with Stop + D and tried to reset the settings with Stop + N. No avail. I
tried Ctrl + Break and Alt + Ctrl + Break, also without avail. Tried to press
the power button two times after the beep too. Nothing.

If i try to switch the keyboard's LED-s on, nothing happens. I tested the
keyboard in my x86 box and it was just fine, everything worked on it.

I have no idea what i am doing wrong. Can anyone help me?


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