Subject: Re: Grub2 with sparc64 patches

Hi Eric!

On 01/26/2017 08:12 PM, Eric Snowberg wrote:
> Currently I don’t have a Debian distro installed on SPARC. I think I need to
> spend some time and set one up. So I'm assuming that is where your grub.cfg
> should be saved.

That's great. The more SPARC upstream developers run Debian, the better ;). You
are also very welcome to send any patches for the Debian packaging or even
a co-maintainer for Debian/sparc64 ;).

In any case, this mailing list post should help you getting Debian installed on
your SPARC box:


> I also see some things below that are not in my code that probably got
> changed when grub was packaged up.

That's because I actually just took Debian's source grub2 package, added your
patches as a single Debian patch and rebuilt the package with the "+sparc64"
version suffix added.

The packaging source for Debian's grub2 source package can be found here:


Note: This does not include your patches yet as I just created an unofficial
grub2 package for sparc64 only. If you check the "debian" subdirectory, you'll
see that there are already some sparc/sparc64-specific files in place and we
should probably just update these files as well to adjust the default
for sparc and sparc64.


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