Subject: Re: Grub2 with sparc64 patches

On 01/25/2017 08:21 PM, Eric Snowberg wrote:
> I believe you are running out of memory here because grub is trying to load
> all those frame buffer modules within your config.
>> error: no suitable video mode found.
> And then it didn’t find one that worked.
> For this, I believe you are having the same problem as Frans. Could you add
> the following to /etc/default/grub:
> and then regenerate your grub.cfg with grub-mkconfig.
> Adrian,
> I don’t plan on adding frame buffer support since newer systems don’t have
> them. Would it be possible to change your grub package to include a
> /etc/default/grub file for SPARC with the changes above? We do the same
> thing with our grub rpm.

Oh, absolutely. Thanks for the suggestion. This was just the first package and
I'm happy to include
all improvements that are necessary.


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