Subject: Re: Grub2 with sparc64 patches

Hi Eric,

On Tue, 2017-01-24 at 09:29 -0700, Eric Snowberg wrote:

> With a sun/vtoc partition table like you have on a Sun Blade
> 1000.  You will need to give it the boot partition (/dev/sda1 in your
> case) along with the —force option. For your system I’d recommend
> doing:
> # grub-install --force --skip-fs-probe  /dev/sda1

Year that does the job. If the workstation starts it takes some extra
time to load Grub. First i see two error's, but they are quick away.
Next the menu is loaded. I can't use the arrow keys for selecting a I
want kernel. But just pressing enter does work. And being able edit a
kernel line does it as well. But again no arrow keys to walk through
the text. Exit with F10 also not functioned but ctrl+x does it well.

Next the kernel boots well. What's would be the best way to debug and
save the error messages?


Frans van Berckel


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