Subject: Grub2 with sparc64 patches

Hi everyone,

I made sure to install the correct version of this package as can be
seen here;

# apt-cache policy grub2
Installed: 2.02~beta3-3+sparc64
Candidate: 2.02~beta3-3+sparc64
Version table:
*** 2.02~beta3-3+sparc64 500
500 unreleased/main sparc64
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
2.02~beta3-3 500
500 sid/main sparc64 Packages
500 unstable/main sparc64

Then tried to install it (T5240, /dev/sdb1 (ext2) for /boot and
/dev/sdb2 (ext4) for / )

# grub-install --boot-directory=/boot /dev/sdb
Installing for sparc64-ieee1275 platform.
grub-install: warning: Embedding is not possible. GRUB can only be
installed in this setup by using blocklists. However, blocklists are
UNRELIABLE and their use is discouraged..
grub-install: error: will not proceed with blocklists.

Thanks to everyone involved!


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