Subject: Re: failing debootstrap

On Mon, 23 Jan 2017, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> > So installation was completed ok and the beast rebooted but doesn't boot
> > (see
> > below the transcript from the screen). May be the reason is my obnoxious (I
> > guess I like that word that much to use twice) partitioning

> > 2 drives partitioned (RAID part + swap part) -> MD RAID1 -> LVM -> / (ext3)

> > So may be SILO just can't find/boot from such an abomination and I should
> > have
> > created a small boot partition for it first?

> Exactly. As long as you're using SILO, your boot partition should be on a
> plain
> and simple ext3 partition to avoid any issues.

> You can try to install grub2 from the "unreleased" repository manually during
> the installation by opening a shell from the debian-installer, chrooting into
> /target, running "apt update && apt install grub2". But I haven't tested this
> _at all_, so I can't tell if this works or not.

> However, any tests with the +sparc64 grub2 version from "unreleased" are
> highly
> appreciated and welcome on the list.

since I might end up just redoing the whole installation (to repartition
more or less sanely), I will give this one a shot first and report

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