Subject: grub2 with SPARC support available for testing


I just uploaded grub2_2.02~beta3-3+sparc64 to Debian "unreleased" which
contains an additional set of 15 patches by Eric Snowberg (CC'ed) which
improve SPARC in grub2 and add support for modern SPARC hardware through
the SPARC T7.

According to Eric, grub2 should work on SPARC machines from T1 through
T7, apparently older sun4u machines are not 100% supported but might
work as well. If I remember correctly, he said that adding support for
older sun4u hardware is possible in the future.

In any case, it would be great if this package could be tested by as
many users as possible. Please report your results back to the list,
Eric will be very interested to hear any feedback. The more testing we get,
the more likely we find additional bugs and also can get the patches
hopefully merged upstream.

As the packages were just uploaded to "unreleased", it might take a few
hours until the packages show up in the archive. In any case, make sure
the version number contains the "+sparc64" suffix. To use "unreleased",
you need to have the following line in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb unreleased main


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