Subject: Re: Creating a network boot.img myself

On 01/22/2017 01:46 PM, Frans van Berckel wrote:
>> Would be great if someone volunteered to build new sparc64 images
>> regularly as I have put my Sun Blade 100 back to storage and I have
>> packed it up well so it's not that easy to retrieve ;).
> Can't we do something on one of the buildd? Not out of the box, true.
> But maybe creating a spacial chroot for this task? Starting by cronjob?

It's not really practical. One of the problems is that debian-installer
currently doesn't build on the ports architectures as it tries to pull
udebs during build from the main FTP server which carries the release
architectures only [1].

So, if we were to automate the image creation, fixing debian-installer
on the buildds would be the first thing to do. Helge Deller from the
hppa porters wanted to look into the d-i issue at some point, he has
also got commit access to the d-i git repository.


> [1]

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