Subject: Re: Creating a network boot.img myself


On 01/21/2017 07:04 PM, Frans van Berckel wrote:
> Did anyone document a step by step guide? Talking only about compiling
> the .img part. Because done the bootp / tftp part before.

Yes, you basically want to build the debian-installer package yourself,

Just omit the part where the CD is created. This also excludes the
reprepro part which also shouldn't be necessary for debian-installer,
i.e., just do the part "Build the debian-installer packages".

Once d-i has been built, you will have the kernel image and the initial
ramdisk which contains the actual installer.

> I am not gonna choose the .iso, (read burn a cdrom). Have seen booting
> it with a kernel crash several times now. So first need to find out
> what exactly goes wrong. The kernel, a driver, missing firmware, else?

For kernel crashes on sparc64, you should always cross-post to the
sparclinux Linux kernel mailing list (LKML).

> Does the installer support ssh? So being able to save the debug screen.

Could be, but I'm not sure at the moment. You can find out by executing
a shell from the installer screen and check whether ssh is available.

If the 'ssh' command is not there, just chroot into /target (provided
you have already done a partial installation) and install 'ssh' with
'apt install ssh'.

Would be great if someone volunteered to build new sparc64 images
regularly as I have put my Sun Blade 100 back to storage and I have
packed it up well so it's not that easy to retrieve ;).

Building CD images should be that difficult when following the guide
above. It might involve some trial and error, but it isn't terribly
difficult. I'm happy to answer any questions regarding...



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