Subject: Re: RFS: updated packages libfolia, uctodata,
ucto, frogdata, frog

On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 03:03:40PM +0100, Maarten van Gompel wrote:
> Quoting Mattia Rizzolo (2017-01-10 14:56:19)
> > I'm uploading libfolia to unstable now, please pull from git.
> > I'll later upload all the rest later.
> Perfect! Thanks!

I'm waiting for the last build of libfolia to happen (in kbsd-amd64,
there were some issues on the buildd, stuck on building 2 GCCs for one
week… but now libfolia is quickly reaching the top of the queue), and
I'm looking at the others. I noticed that you didn't push the
upstream/* tags, could you?

Mattia Rizzolo

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