Subject: Re: Sympy removal ahead

Hi Ole,

thanks a lot for caring!

On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 10:27:00AM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> blockdiag:
> * has RC #848748 with no attempts to solve since opened
> (errors in build time tests)
> * is not team maintained and has no Debian git repository
> * (build-) depends somehow (could not find out how) on execnet

I'd recommend team maintenance in Debian Science team since the package
seems to fit. This would enable us to apply the suggested patch (see
Message #10 in #848748 - thanks to Rebecca N. Palmer). I'd volunteer to
move the package to Debian Science Git and will assume agreement if I
do not hear from Kouhei Maeda soon.

> execnet:
> * has RC bugs #840823, #846951 and #846952 (errors in build time tests)
> * is not team maintained
> * is RFA
> The mentioned build dependency of sympy seems to be optional (builds
> fine without it), and I also have no idea of how to solve the RC bugs in
> blockdiag and execnet. So save sympy from removal, I would propose to
> remove the dependency as long as the RC bugs remain unfixed. I can do
> that in the next days as a team upload.
> Any objections here? Better proposals?

No better proposal since I have no idea how to fix those execnet bugs.
IMHO it would not really fit into Debian Science team but if there is no
agreement to move it to Debian Python Modules Team (which is usually
only given if there is an *active* Uploader behind which I'm not) we
could also try Debian Science Git - but moving it here alone is not
magically solving the issues.

Kind regards




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