Subject: Sympy removal ahead

Hi Georges and Debian-Science,

the "Sympy" package, and all its reverse dependencies are going to be
removed on Jan 29, which is not very long ahead. The reason is a number
of bugs with the following dependency chain:

* build-depends on python-sphinxcontrib.blockdiag

* depends on python-blockdiag (source: blockdiag)

* has RC #848748 with no attempts to solve since opened
(errors in build time tests)
* is not team maintained and has no Debian git repository
* (build-) depends somehow (could not find out how) on execnet

* has RC bugs #840823, #846951 and #846952 (errors in build time tests)
* is not team maintained
* is RFA

The mentioned build dependency of sympy seems to be optional (builds
fine without it), and I also have no idea of how to solve the RC bugs in
blockdiag and execnet. So save sympy from removal, I would propose to
remove the dependency as long as the RC bugs remain unfixed. I can do
that in the next days as a team upload.

Any objections here? Better proposals?

Best regards



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